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Frank Sirona
No compromises
Artist's statement
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Frank Sirona with large format camera

My concept of "Photography without Compromise" is essentially based on three pillars, together they allow a maximum image effect: First, lighting; second, imaging system; and third, print presentation.

For every motif there is the optimal lighting. In landscape photography, because the lighting can't be actively changed, it is of the utmost importance to be at the right place at the right time. In practice this means returning to the same subject again and again, at different times of the day or even during different seasons or different years - until finally all the variables fit perfectly together.

Details are another important ingredient in landscape pictures. Therefore professional landscape photography has (and still is) primarily been carried out with large format cameras. This method is still very traditional and involves a camera filled with sheet film (i.e. film not rolled up, but rather film cut into individual sheets). I use sheet film in a format of 5 x 7", which makes it possible to make prints about 5 feet wide or more, in perfect quality. This high end segment of "analog" photography (i.e., photography involving film) remains far superior to this day even in comparison to any form of the latest digital imaging.

In order to represent my prints to their best potential, I decided to use the so called "UltraSec® M" method, in which prints made by a "LightJet" laser printer are fused over the entire surface with a sheet of anti-reflective mineral glass (so-called "Museum glass"). This process results in extremely bright colors and intense sharpness and brilliance that are in any other way not even remotely attainable.

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